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Phoenix Full Kits

Phoenix offer a number of full kits with cases and where possible pre-punched and printed front and back panels to give a more professional appearance to the finished item. Good quality cases are used and normally sourced from the UK where possible, suppliers are RS Components, Farnell, and other large suppliers of quality parts.

The Magic Eye ..  CW Centre Tune Indicator

The magic eye CW Centre Tune indicator is a great way to know your tuned bang on frequency when trying to make a CW contact, the Magic eye has a very narrow active bandwidth and you  need to be within a few 10's of hertz of the incoming signal in order for the magic eye to light, tuning is made very easy and if like me you tone deaf then you will wonder how you managed before with out one.

Can be fitted in a external speaker and will work with high level audio or can be fitted across the volume control in you home brew special rig, very flexible.

This version is built into a freestanding desktop case and can be used with just about any rig, the normal way to use this kit is to place it in line with an external speaker or to connect it to the data out socket on the rear of most radios.


Select PayPal here for UK ONLY inc postage  Total charge £18.50

Select PayPal here for EU ONLY inc postage  Total charge £20.00

Select PayPal here for DX ONLY inc postage  Total charge £22.00

OSK Iambic Keyer  Cased Kit

The OSK-1 Keyer is a feature rich low cost memory Keyer, offering features that you would expect from keyer’s much more expensive. The CW training mode is excellent and worth building the keyer just for this feature.


The Keyer is built around a small but powerful microcontroller. The code for the chip is open source from Jan DK3LJ who developed the original program, later modified by Jack AL4SV and then further modified by Don WD9DMP who made some changes that polished Jan's code even more .


The finial product rivals professional keyer’s costing many times the price.


This open source code is now installed onto a Attiny85 chip, It fits on a small custom PCB and can be built in less than an hour. This version uses a small audio amplifier circuit to increase the sidetone volume, (this is adjustable via a on board trim pot)


Here is a list of its features.

Iambic A, B, Ultimatic modes
DAH Priority Mode
Paddle Swapping
Sidetone Toggle
Adjustable Sidetone Pitch
ATU Tune Feature (20 Sec Key Down)
with one touch cancel
TX Keying Toggle (Sidetone only for practice)
TX Level Inverter mode
WPM Speed feedback
4 x 100 char Memory’s
Automatic Beacon (for FOX hunts extra)
Callsign CW Trainer
(Sends random callsign, users send back)

Select PayPal here for UK ONLY postage  Total charge £22.00

Select PayPal here for EU ONLY postage  Total charge £24.00

Select PayPal here for DX ONLY postage  Total charge £26.00

microT20 Morse Tutor

This is a traditional old school type Morse tutor (Like the old Datong D70 if you're of a certain age)
This is a FULL KIT not just a PCB, complete with case and pre punched Front and back panels.

It offers the following modes

Random Letters (5 Figure groups)
Random Numbers (5 Figure groups)
Random Mixed (5 Figure groups) (Inc Letters, Numbers & Prosigns)
Random International Callsigns (random variation  in speed and pitch for realism  )

Also built in Morse practice oscillator for straight key use.

Simple to use with adjustable Gap, Speed, and volume.
mode select by push button , simply press and hold to move to the next mode in the list.
tutor remembers the last used mode and will startup on that mode next time you turn it on.
Internal speaker but a external speaker jack socket is on the rear panel too.
Can be powered from external supply between 7 and 15v but also has a internal 9v battery for portable use.
To use the practice oscillator function insert the key with the tutor turned off. Hold the key down and turn on the tutor. The tutor now is in oscillator mode and will just act as  practice oscillator until it is turned off again.

UK ONLY postage  Total charge £28.00

EU (Europe) postage  Total charge £30.00

DX (OUTSIDE EUROPE) postage  Total charge £35.00

Phoenix Crystal Radio

Designed  to have the appearance of a typical 1950's style radio, rather like the old heathkit range.

It uses a high quality PCB and custom front panel, all parts are high quality selected for their performance not cost.
The Crystal set comes with a Litz wire coil and also, for the experimenters a mounded inductor to try that gives surprisingly good performance in this unusually circuit .
The output terminals are 19mm apart which mean  the old standard high impedance headphones fitted with the two pin plug can just plug straight in, or the output terminals can be used to attach wire ended headphones or crystal earphones.
I have a small supply of earphones and if you need one please let me know when you order and I will include one free
Unlike many kits this comes with a comprehensive 14 page set of instructions that help you build the radio,
Please make sure you understand what a crystal radio is BEFORE buying the kit, it will not match your modern communications receiver for performance  or you will not be able to use it while out jogging! and your new fancy  HiFi headphones will not work.

Crystal radios get there power from the radio signal your listening to and they need a good antenna to capture enough signal to operate, anyone tells you that they produce one that doesn't need an external antenna is very misinformed or just out to con you, believe me , I have many years of experience and make a poor con man.

A good performer in a solid case that looks good

Select PayPal here for UK ONLY postage  Total charge £29.00

Select PayPal here for EU ONLY postage  Total charge £32.50

Select PayPal here for DX ONLY postage  Total charge £35.00


UCPO Universal Code Practice Oscillator and Morse Tutor

This is the best value Code Practice oscillator in the World!

Big Claim I know but I believe it ! I have never seen a unit that can do all this for anything near this cost. In fact I dont believe I have seen a unit that does this for any amount of money. This is exceptional value.


The features are the same as the UCPO module kit I sell. so look at that for full details but in summary it works with either straight keys or paddle keys and also works as a four mode Morse tutor too.

All built into a strong case that makes it a portable unit (powered by a internal 9v Battery) The volume from the internal speaker is room filling.

Select PayPal here for UK ONLY postage  Total charge £29.00

For Customers outside the UK contact me before purchase  for shipping price as its larger package than my other Kits.

Please Note,


I will send a free Crystal Earphone with this kit if you want one.

Please put a note with your order if you would like one. For none UK deliveries the earphone puts the weight above the normal postal charge so if you want the earphone I will not be able to include the printed instructions due to the weight, please download the instructions from here.  Thanks