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FMT  The FISTS Morse Tutor

A couple of years ago I was recovering from a few health iusses that had caused me some memory loss and reduced my mental abilities. I have some history working with software and electronics so I decided to make a simple Morse code generator, really just a bit of fun, it started off just sending my callsign over and over, then I gave it the ability to send random letters.


Over the next few months it grew and grew and ended up as the FMT MK1 tutor, this was on vero board and was frankly a bit of a mess, a few members of FISTS built one and that encouraged me to try and improve it, I found I could get PCB's made at a reasonable price so designed a small PCB  and the MK2 tutor was born.


This was my first attempt at designing a PCB and yes it worked and a number of members used it, I was not happy with it. I redesigned it and improved the functionality of the tutor  and the current MK3 was born, that was over 12 months ago and I have sent these tutors all over the world now. They seem very popular. If it had not been for this tutor I dont think I would have mentally recovered so well, so mental exercise can be as important as physical.


The tutor as evolved into what it is today, over the last two years I have added more and more features, now the chip is full to the limit, if I could wind back time I would do things a little differnet I am sure but isn't that true with most things in life?


take care and enjoy your life  73 Paul M0BMN



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Here is You tube video showing the FMT in use, sorry the volume is so low on the tutor, I dont know why I didn't just turn it up, I blame my mobile phone that I recorded it on.

Features of the MK3


Random Letters

Random Numbers
Random Mixed
Random Prosigns

Radom Common Words and CW abbreviations

Radom International Callsigns

Contest Mode

Practice Oscillator

Session Timer

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