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Simple Active CW Filter
This low cost filter is intended to be internally fitted into the receiver and will give big improvement in selectivity and reduction in QRM.
The filter Circuit was designed by Tim Walford of Walford Electronics Ltd and he has given me permission to use his circuit in this kit.
Tim offers a wide range of well designed kits with comprehensive and well written instructions. He has kits suitable for beginners and for the experienced builder. Take a look at his web site to see his exciting kit range.
Tims web site is https://walfords.net   Thanks Tim !
.The filter is built on a 45 x 35mm PCB and as a bandwidth of approx. 500Hz centred around 700Hz. the filter should be fitted just before the volume control of the receiver so does require modification work to the receiver to fit it. for more information read the Kits instructions.

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Simple Active CW Filter
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Kit instructions for the Simple Active Filer

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